How to Be a Penguin

I was commissioned to build a responsive website to promote fostering and adoption in Leicester and Leicestershire. The client was keen for penguins to feature heavily, including in the domain!

I created a logo using the accent orange colour that appears on the chest of adult penguins, and for the website theme, I selected a turquoise blue to compliment the orange across the site.

I used WordPress and Zurb Foundation to create a responsive website, which has lots of penguin heads as roll-over images on the menu for wide screens, but uses a mobile friendly text-based dropdown menu for small screens. I used a single sprite image for the penguin menu to prevent lots of server requests, and ensure the menu images loaded before the user rolled over a menu icon.

A google calendar is used to pull data into the events page, and bbPress used for the forum area, with some CSS customisation to improve the look.

The client really liked the site, and using it regularly to update, inform and support adoptive and foster families in Leicester and Leicestershire.

If you have a charity or local organisation that needs a website, however small, feel free to contact me for some advice.