Text animation

This text animation was for a large charity to pitch for funding from a multi-national finance organisation which gives a large chunk of money to the winning pitch each year.

The idea for the video is to relay real accounts of young people’s experience of abuse and how they can spend weeks or even months going to see different people, police, social workers etc, reliving their experiences each time. The video would go on to contrast this with a concept, where the agencies are located in one child-friendly building, and the child sees the professionals over a span of a few days.

My part of the project was to create animated text highlighting some statistics, and accentuating some of the words that the young people were speaking. I chose to create simple white text for the statistics on a dark grungy background. Then I highlighted key words and phrases, animated against an even grungier background, and having additional effects and layout applied to the text.

I built the animation in After Effects using  multiple nested layers:

Just the voice was used, without any visuals to make the words more hard hitting. The second half of the video contained live action sequences showing what the Child’s House could look like. The video was successful in winning the funding for the Child’s House project.

Here is the 2D animation I created for the first half of the video: