Volunteer Recruitment Handwriting Animation

I was asked by a charity to create a handwriting animation of on-screen text elements which synced to the video dialogue of a recruitment video for a charity.

The charity wanted a version of this video for use in social media settings where sound may be muted. The handwriting text had a transparent background, giving me the freedom to place in anywhere on-screen. I added a texture and subtle transparency to the hand-written text elements to give them some visual interest. See the difference the texture makes on this close-up:

Handwriting animation close-upHandwriting animation close-up

the subjects in the video were filmed against a green screen background, allowing chest captions to appear from behind the subject, and for a custom PhotoShop background to be used. I created the sequence in After Effects. Here’s a screen-shot of the project where you can see one of the chest caption elements layered behind the subject:

I created two versions of this handwriting animation. Here’s the full version of the final video: