Tron Electric

The client sells high end luxury hand-crafted audio equipment around the globe – the Tron brand. He wanted a high quality luxury website design to promote and show off his artistry and sell the products.

An HD vimeo video promoting the Tron brand plays automatically on the homepage.  A jQuery script pauses the video when it is scrolled out of view. Using WordPress and a heavily customised theme along with Woocommerce I created a rich dark luxiry website design, echoing the Tron brand. Using dark orange as a highlight for links and buttons echoes the colour of the audio components and provides a warm accent to the tron website. Lots of CSS transitions enrich the user experience giving a sense of quality and luxury.

Subpages each have their own slider to really show off the look of these beautiful components. A Page Builder allows the client to create complex pages to enhance the rich photography.

If you’re interested in online selling and luxury website design, please get in touch.