St Luke’s Wolverhampton

I was commissioned to build a brand new church website design for St Luke’s church in Wolverhampton. Their old site was broken, so I had a clean slate, and they wanted me to move their existing domain over to my hosting platform too. They wanted a simple site to complement their new logo.

I created a responsive site using WordPress and Zurb Foundation, incorporating the colours from their logo as well as the typeface.

The homepage is very simple, showing the church in an image slider that appears underneath the overlaying menu for all devices. There’s a panel giving the latest sermon and a news item straight onto the front page. There’s a live google map on the front page as well allowing people to easily click through to navigate to the church.

Sub pages have a full-width featured image which appears underneath the semi-transparent menu. The search form is initially hidden, and animates into view as a floating panel using foundation functionality when the user clicks on the search icon. The simple drop-down menu folds into a familiar hamburger icon for mobile users which reveals a compact accordion menu.

If you are interested in creating a bespoke church website design tailored to your needs, please get in touch.