Emmanuel Church Bramcote

I was asked to refresh the church website design for a local church. They wanted a shift of focus towards visitors rather than regular attenders. With that in mind, promotional events are very prominent on the homepage as are directions to the church. The menu structure is simple and is aimed at new visitors rather than regulars. There is also access to the Bible talks archive and latest news, as well as details of all the regular groups that run weekly.

Their existing website was already running WordPress, but except for the talks, most of the existing content was replaced or removed. Extensive redirects were put in place to ensure old content was pointing at new relevant pages. As well as changing hosting provider the client also changed their top level domain and the redirects took this into account.

The church has recently updated their logo, so I used their colours and logo font in the custom WordPress theme, which I built using the excellent Foundation framework.

I kept many of their existing plugins including the sermon browser plugin which handled all their Bible talks. It needed a bit of CSS work to look more contemporary, but this was much easier than migrating over 500 MP3 and associated metadata into a new format, and the website editors did not need to learn new processes to maintain the site. I created a custom content type and taxonomy for the promotions.

I’ve had great feedback from the client who was delighted with their new church website design.

If you want help with an existing WordPress website, I’d be happy to talk, so please contact me.