Fake it all video

I was commissioned to create this lyric video for a local Leicester band for promotion on YouTube, and used After Effects extensively to create the multi-layered effects with over 300 layers. I managed the layers using nested compositions, and used the animation explode text effect, and turbulent displace with box blur to create the swirly, boiling text transitions. The grungy font HVD Poster really added to the highly textured feel.

Multiple turbulence effects bubble subtly to create the dark backdrop throughout the animation and add texture and depth to the animation. Various graphic elements and animation devices are introduced and used with increasing frequency to maintain interest through the sequence.

I loved making this animation. After Effects is a joy to use in this sort of scenario, and I’m extremely pleased with the end result. Needless to say, the client loved it.

If you’d like to discuss your own lyric video or any text animation, then I’d be delighted to make contact with you.